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Featured image for Miniature Worlds by Nimra and Manahil Bandukwala. "Interpreting folklore through found materials"


An article including photographs of artwork written for Rungh’s Artist Run Centre. Artists share the story of Mai Kolachi and how it inspired the creations of scenes from the story using shells found across Sindh and Balochistan’s coastline.

Cover of Women Wide Awake

The Small Machine Talks

In this episode of the Small Machine Talks, Amanda Earl talks with us about our project, Reth aur Reghistan, our arts practice, and our research process.

Cover photo for "The Juice Box"

The Juice Box

Sisters Nimra and Manahil join Juice’s Editor-in-chief, Adeeb, in episode # 6 of The Juice Box podcast to talk about their joint creative project.

Featured image for "Where My Girls At? Writings on contemporary feminist art"

Where My Girls At? Writings on contemporary feminist art

As part of a feminist anthology Sakina Shakil Groppmaier interviews Nimra and Manahil about their experiences as women in the arts, in Canada and in Pakistan.

Printed copy of "Focus on folklore" article from THIS magazine.

THIS Magazine

Aeman Ansari chats with Nimra and Manahil about their process of researching folktales in Pakistan. The artists share the importance of folk stories for the people living in the areas these stories took place, and why we want to bring them into a Canadian context.

Illustration by Nimra Bandukwala


In an article by Sadiya Ansari, Nimra and Manahil share their insight into churails, and give a feminist take on these historically demonic witch-like creatures. The article features an illustration by Nimra of a churail wandering the mountains and haunting lone male travellers.

Lal Palang copy


Jahnavi Murali chats with Nimra and Manahil about their journey from Backyard Worlds to Reth aur Reghistan. We chat about our artistic interests, and how we ended up making miniature sculptures about Pakistani folklore.

Miniature Worlds

Home Love lifestyle

Zehra Fatima talks to Nimra and Manahil talk about Backyard Worlds, collaborating together artistically, and creating sculptures with found materials.